Computer Cars

Welcome to the museum of Computer Cars.

These battery operated toys were made in the early 70s and all shared the same idea:
a car with a brain!

Many different approaches were used to let toy cars drive in a pre-set driving pattern. And make it drive a rectangle, oval, zig-zag or a figure 8.

Later models have microchips and keyboards, and can be programmed to drive individual patterns.

Toy companies like Mattel, Ideal, Eldon, Bandai, Milton Bradley, Hasbro and Radio Shack made around 30 different cars and trucks.
Action Van (Cox) Porsche 907 (Gama) Pontiac Programmable (Mattel) MARC 32 Camaro (Ertl) Big Trak (Milton Bradley) Chevrolet Corvette 255 (LJN) Porsche 917 (Radio Shack) Tow truck (Eldon)